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My name is Chris Carson and I hope you enjoy the content offered here. I am the founder of 46 Outdoors. The intention of this site is to bring you informative content in a fun and exciting way that will help you become a better sportsman and grow your passion for the outdoors in general, while helping to instill that same passion in the next generation. I will be working in partnership with Twisted Oak Hunting and Outfitter Supply (of which I am a member) to bring you the most up to date information on products from the hunting and fishing industries.




About the Name 46 Outdoors
Texas 46 is a State Highway in the Texas Hill Country that winds through some of the most beautiful terrain and views Texas has to offer in a generally east/west direction. On the west end sits Bandera, heading east, it runs through towns and communities such as Boerne, Bergheim, Bulverde/Spring Branch, New Braunfels, and Seguin. Texas 46 generally follows a path that stays near the Guadalupe River once they both come close to each other near Boerne.  

As a kid growing up in San Antonio, TX, I caught my first fish at Boerne Lake; my first hunting trip was to the Rockin' R Ranch near Bandera, TX; my grandparents lived in a home that towered among the Cypress Trees of the Guadalupe River in Comfort, TX where I fished and had great fun swimming. I went to Camp Stewart near Hunt, TX where I learned to water ski in the Guadalupe River (can you believe there was actually enough water in the river to ski) and caught my first bass (on my own, no help from anyone), and worshiped God on the beautiful banks of the river . In middle and high school I skied, fished and camped at Canyon Lake, Lake Placid, and Lake McQueeny, all impoundments on the Guadalupe River. My parents and I took many day trips in their motor home to Guadalupe River State Park on TX 46 and Starke Park in Seguin to enjoy the river. During my college years (i spent more time hunting and fishing than going to school), my running buddy and I wore out stretches of TX 46 in our river days all the way from Lake Placid to Canyon Lake to Spring Branch to Bergheim and Boerne looking for new water to fish. As I grew older I got married at Anhalt Hall on TX 46, and lived in both Bulverde and Spring Branch before moving back to San Antonio. All these places are either on 46 or within 50 miles or so of this beautiful Texas highway that cuts through the heart of the Texas Hill Country. I think it is fair to say that Texas 46 has been a part of my outdoors life for a long time and (at least for me) carries a little mystique.

After all that, you would think that I have done just about everything an outdoors oriented kind of person could do along this stretch of highway, but no... I have never fly fished and the cold water that is released from deep within Canyon Lake is perfect for Rainbow Trout. Thanks to Texas Parks & Wildlife (for stocking the Lower Guadalupe River with Rainbow Trout); I have yet another adventure to undertake. In addition, there is kayak fishing and when the river flows like it did after the spring rains of 2015, there is whitewater rafting. Cascade and Natural Bridge Caverns offer many opportunities for the outdoorsman and their families as well.

I have been a part of many other outdoors experiences that did not have anything to do with the Texas Hill Country, but home is where the heart is and I always feel like I'm home once I'm near TX 46.

 Now, to bring it full circle, some friends and I (that were much a part of that above) have opened Twisted Oak Hunting & Outfitter Supply, a sporting goods store that caters to the sportsman which is located at the corner of FM 3351 & (you guessed it) TX 46. When I leave from the store on Saturday afternoons to go hunting at my lease in Hondo, I head West on 46 into Bandera before turning South on 173 to get there. Interestingly enough, as luck would have it, during a recent fishing trip , my then 9 year old son caught his first fish in the Guadalupe River, just a few miles north of TX 46.​
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